WCIRB Reviewing the Solid Waste Industry

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California (WCIRB) is a licensed rating organization and the California Insurance Commissioner’s designated statistical agent for workers’ compensation insurance. For over 100 years, the WCIRB has been relied upon by the Insurance Commissioner, the legislature, insurers and employers as the premier source of reliable workers' compensation information and statistics.

Integral to the WCIRB’s mission is the administration of a Standard Classification System that is used to facilitate the accurate collection of workers’ compensation payroll and loss data. Each standard classification represents a distinct and identifiable group of employers engaged in a relatively homogenous set of operations. The payroll and loss data collected is used to establish an advisory pure premium rate for each standard classification. These advisory rates are approved by California’s Insurance Commissioner and used by insurers to derive the rates they charge employers for workers’ compensation insurance. The advisory pure premium rates are typically revised and approved annually to be effective as of a policy’s inception.

As part of the WCIRB’s mission, the standard classifications are regularly reviewed to ensure that they continue to reflect California’s ever changing and emerging industries. This year, the WCIRB is reviewing the business operations of the Salvage Material Dealer Industry to clarify, update and enhance classification descriptions and procedures to address the collecting, purchasing, sorting, consolidating and selling of various recycled and secondhand materials, including but not limited to California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers, scrap metal, rubber stock, paper stock, wiping cloths, green waste, electronic waste and similar salvage materials. The WCIRB will also review the classification descriptions and procedures for garbage or refuse collection, as well as landfill, transfer station and material recovery facility operations. The classifications that will be studied include the following:

* 8847, Beverage Container Collection or Redemption
* 8264(2), Bottle Dealers – secondhand
* 8265(1), Iron or Steel Scrap Dealers
* 8265(2), Junk Dealers – N.O.C.
* 8500, Metal Scrap Dealers – nonferrous
* 8264(1), Paper Stock Dealers – secondhand
* 8264(3), Rubber Stock Dealers – secondhand
* 8264(4), Wiping Cloth or Rag Dealers – including all laundry operations
* 9403(1), Garbage or Refuse Collection
* 9424,  Garbage or Refuse Landfill, Transfer and Material Recovery Facility Operations – all employees

We highly encourage you to advise your association members regarding this study. The WCIRB welcomes and encourages feedback, information and questions from the industries under review.

If you are interested in discussing any matters related to this study, please contact me at the number shown below.

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